2010's Fashion

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Fashion in the 2010's

Fashion in the 2010's was once again unlike any other decade before as looks went from one extreme to the next.  From the highly tailored and sleek look of the early 2010's, to the retro look (inspired by the 1990's), to the bohemian or Coachella  inspired look, or the  athleisure look (inspired by  1980's) -  fashion was about individual inspiration rather than a collective trend or movement.

Fashion introduced a number of subcultures to the world as traditional styles converge with a progressive look inspired by the digital age.  Fashion in the 2010's continued to look towards entertainment for fashion cues, but with the growth of streaming services and platforms like YouTube there were more voices and more styles being shared with the the world.

The idea of of a business with a cause also inspired the fashion industry in the 2010s with many single product/focus companies launching and sharing their profits with social causes.  Toms shoes was one of these brands which offered one simple style of shoe at a price that allowed the company to make a profit and donate a pair of shoes to a person in need.  This idea of activism through fashion inspired a number of looks throughout the decade.

While a fascination with particular brands and a focus on ath-leisure may have shaped the end of the 2010's the largest marker of the decade was the cultural shift of fashion that became far more inclusive, diverse and sustainable.


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Men's Fashion

It was the decade in which men’s fashion caught up with women's wear in both creativity and clout.  At the beginning of the 2010s, we were still in a collective love affair with a sharp tailor made look. Then came the hipsters, the Scandi minimalists, the normcore hardcores.  And finally, came streetwear, making the swing to casual dress close to complete.  Unlike decades past, no one style ruled. This was an era when anything went, when the internet made fashion ultra-accessible. Everything was cool.  (https://www.fashionbeans.com/article/menswear-defined-2010s/ )

Women's Fashion

Fashion in the 2010s was underscored by a range of subcultures that met the world stage, from normcore to Gen Z Internet culture. On another, far more formal plane, the British royal family’s popularity experienced an apotheosis not seen since the days of the late Princess Diana, as Kate and Meghan have taken after their would-be mother-in-law’s fashion icon status.  While logomania, ath-leisure and the occasional fascinator led the decade style-wise, the fashion industry itself experienced profound cultural shifts over the last 10 years that spurred marked change in terms of larger issues including inclusivity, diversity and sustainability across the board. (https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/2010s-fashion-trends-that-defined-decade-1203393941/ )