Course Overview

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Task 1: Watch the Introductory Video (10 minutes)

Task 2: Review the Class Syllabus (10 minutes)

Task 4:  Go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM and Find the Introduction Assignment "A Pop Culture Hello" (10 minutes)

Task 5: Share Your Slide with the Class (20 minutes)

It is important to note that this is not an all encompassing look at Pop Culture in America. This class is designed to introduce you to Pop Culture in America through the lens of history; giving you opportunities to explore areas of Pop Culture not covered in this course as well as opportunities to take a closer look at some of the areas of focus this course does cover.  In addition, we will explore some elements of American culture that influence the direction of the nation and perspectives of the American people.  While Pop Culture has existed in some form or another since the 1830's in the United States we will begin our look at a time in history in which Pop Culture begins to surge - the 1940's, and we will continue our look through the 2010's.

In order to understand what we will be covering throughout this course it is important to have a clear idea as to what Pop Culture is and what Pop Culture is not.  There are many interpretations of what Pop Culture is as it has evolved over the years to represent many things.  

In the United States, in the 1940's until the 1960's, Pop Culture was really just what was popular in American culture, sometime in the middle of the 1960's this definition began to change to represent popular artistic creations that represent a subculture or moment within the nation; finally, sometime in the 2000's it changes once again to represent iconic moments, figures and artistic creations that best represent a moment in American history.  

In general we will be exploring Pop Culture through the lens of this newest interpretation of Pop Culture with some exceptions.  When looking at Pop Culture in this way it is important to be able to identify what was popular from what was iconic.  Many things are popular at any given time, but only certain things become larger than their moment and become representative of an era.  For example, many shows of the 1980's represent the changing culture in America, but certain shows like Miami Vice and Full House have risen to an iconic status that causes a similar response and memory across all demographics of American culture.

We will look at Pop Culture in America chronologically starting in the 1940's and working our way to the 2010's.  Each decade will begin by taking a look at major events and trends of the era that influence American culture, we will then explore FIVE (5) to SIX (6) areas of focus within Pop Culture for that decade and complete each unit with project assessment.  At the end of the course there is a final summative assessment that will ask you to demonstrate what you have learned in a final project.  As you make your way through each area of focus within a decade you will find a series of tasks that will take you a number of linked sites and outline assignments required to earn credit for that area of focus.  Throughout this course you will be asked to work with others on small group assignments as well as complete assignments and projects individually.  Learning to work well with others, learning to effectively present in small/large and digital settings, and being open to learning in new ways will be important to your success.  

Websites and programs we will use may vary, but will include this website, our GOOGLE CLASSROOM, Adobe, Google Slides, Google Docs, YouTube, EdPuzzle and more.  This means you will need regular access to the internet, a working Chromebook or computer, headphones that connect to your computer/Chromebook and an eagerness to explore.  If you do not have access to these resources please reach out so you can successfully complete this course.

I look forward to a fun and exciting time together as we look at The History of American Pop Culture!