2000's Assessment

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2000's Assessment

We experience a lot of change in the 2000's - from Y2K, rapid technological developments, the attacks of 9/11, an economic disaster and the election of the first African American President in American History.  With so much much going on there was sure to be some change to the American perspective and the cultural ideologies of the nation.  As a result, we see a number of changes in Pop Culture and the interests of the American people.

Your job will be to examine the changes that occur throughout the 2000's and try to explain the evolving societal shifts using one of the areas of focus we looked at in this decade - Telecommunications, Television or Music.  

Using this area of focus you will find examples throughout the decade that demonstrate what was happening in America and the associated shift to American and Pop Culture.  How you tell that story is up to you and the rest of your group.

2000's Assessment

Task: With a group of classmates produce a Lip Dub video to a hit song of the 2000's 


Produce a 3 - 5 minute engaging and entertaining video or podcast of the societal shifts that occur during the 2000's using only ONE (1) area of focus: 1. Telecommunications 2. Television 3. Music.

Group Project Option (Groups Should have AT LEAST 6 Student*):

*Some exceptions permitted but require teacher permission

Create a Lip Dub Video (APC).pdf

***OR*** Complete an Individual Assignment Below ***

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Option ONE (1):

Create a Video (APC).pdf

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Record a Podcast (APC).pdf