1980's Vehicles

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Vehicles in the 1980's

When it comes to vehicles in the 1980's many just as soon forget most of the decade as change was slow and design was lacking. With that said the 1980's did have a few innovations that reflected the ideals of the nation. Most importantly the United States was still focused on the environment as so emissions was important in vehicle development with more people on the roads we needed to make sure we were protecting our resources. We also needed to ensure we were protecting those in the vehicles and car companies worked hard to remind their customers how safe and efficient their vehicle was.

A few new technological and stylistic developments did come out of the era. This included the supercharger that allowed a modification to the engine intake to increase the overall engine performance, the introduction of the Minivan and the compact SUV.

More than anything else the 1980's brought competition to the market with more manufactures competing for the same customers. Finding a new way to advertise your produce became increasing important.


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  • Explain why you think this is the best representation of the change that was occurring throughout America

      • Describe your reasoning for your selection and what elements of American culture or counterculture it represented/reflected

  • Describe why you think your selection is better than other Vehicles produced in the decade

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A Look at Super Cars of the 1980's

Sports/Muscle Cars

The 1980’s are considered to be the darkest time for American muscle cars due to damage done by stricter government regulations, fuel shortages, and regrettable corporate planning. Nevertheless, vehicles like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro continued to soldier through the Malaise Era.

In the late 1980’s, new technology such as electronic fuel injection systems, turbochargers and advanced engine management controls helped pull muscle cars out of the dark ages by allowing for more power to be extracted from each drop of gasoline. (https://www.musclecarsandtrucks.com/muscle-cars-trucks-suv/muscle-car/ )

1981 DMC-12 Delorean

1987 Ford Mustang

1982 Pontiac Firebird

Trans Am

Family Cars

The 1980's continued with the ideas of fuel efficiency and safety that emerged in the 1970's and as a result there was not a lot of innovation in the first half of the 1980's. By the end of the decade however manufactures had discovered ways of maximizing power and efficiency in turbo systems, family cars were becoming larger and style was returning to the family car industry. After being passed over by several car manufactures Chrysler introduced a minivan to the market blending new power technology on a truck frame with the fuel efficiency of the midsize family car.

1984 Chrysler Minivan

1982 Ford Escort

1989 Honda Accord

Trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles

The 1980's was a confusing time for trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV). Some builders were going bigger and looking for ways to improve engine performance to make their trucks and SUVs more desirable, other decided to go with a smaller or compact look. Each of these styles saw some level of success throughout the decade as Americans were still finding the roll of the SUV and Truck in city and suburban living.

1984 Jeep Cherokee

1982 Ford F-150 Super Cab

1989 Chevy Geo Tracker