1990's Fashion

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Fashion in the 1990's

Fashion in the 1990's was reflective of the television, music and movies that were saturating America. Like the music industry during this decade fashion explores many looks, but what remained throughout the decade was a period of a more relaxed and expressive design. Athlesiure wear becomes increasingly popular as TV and movies influence on culture continues to expand. Men's fashion was inspired by sports stars with Champion jerseys and sneaker culture begins to develop; while women of the 1990's looked to musical influences and couture designers for influence. However, both men and women also took fashion cues from popular television shows and popular films.

While television and movies always has played a roll in influencing fashion it is the 1990's that takes this to a new level as technology expands to include the commercial internet and expanded cable networks.


Task 1: Watch the Introductory Video to this Unit (5 minutes)

Task 2: Explore the provided images, videos and attached links for Fashion during the 1990's (25 minutes)


  • Explore beyond the information included on this page

  • Strange or ridiculous fashion trends of the 1990's

  • Identify any trends that are reemerging in fashion today

  • Analyze what these looks say about American Culture in the 1990's

Task 3: Go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM and Respond to the Following Prompts (20 minutes)

Respond to prompts using complete sentences and appropriate punctuation and grammar

  • What were some of the most ridiculous or strange fashion trends of the 1990’s?

      • Identify at least TWO (2) trends

      • Provide description of trend

      • Explain why this was look didn't stand the test of time

  • Are any fashion trends of the 1990's reemerging in fashion today?

      • If so, what do you think led to this renewed popularity?

  • How do the fashion trends of the 1990’s reflect American culture of the time?

      • Social

      • Political

      • Entertainment

      • Business

Men's Fashion

In the 1990s, fashion moved away from the excess of the 1980s and toward a more relaxed, rebellious and minimalistic mood. The decade saw the birth of grunge as well as a rise in streetwear, sneaker culture and early athleisure. Musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Tupac, and even Justin Timberlake became style icons to many. Silhouettes were loose and oversized, and casual dressing dominated the era. (https://www.thetrendspotter.net/90s-fashion-men/ )

Women's Fashion

Prior to the mid- and late-1990s, high fashion and luxury name brands were mostly reserved for an elite group of people — celebrities and designers. But with more access to media and TV shows about celebrity style, everyday people started to feel that they could participate in the once-exclusive world of fashion. Some styles spotted often in the 1990s, like mod sunglasses and plaid outfits, were reminiscent of the 1960s. Other styles, like patent leather and nylon clothes, symbolized a futuristic view and a look toward what people thought the year 2000, the new millennium, would bring. (https://www.insider.com/best-90s-fashion-trends-2019-7#patent-leather-and-vinyl-were-often-used-as-fabrics-in-the-90s-for-a-futuristic-look-1 )