1970's Assessment

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1970's Assessment

There was a lot going on in the 1970's and Pop Culture continued to push the envelope of what was acceptable to mainstream America. These ideas were not new in the 1970's but how far we pushed the bounds was something new for the decade.

Your job will be to assess all of the changes we explored in the 1970's and create a persuasive speech outlining how Pop Culture is changing America in the 1970's and if those changed were a good or bad thing. The position you take and the reasoning you use will be complete up to you, but your final speech will need to be 3 - 5 minutes long and convince your audience that your position and reasoning is correct.

1970's Assessment

Task: Design a persuasive speech using evidence from the 1970's around the prompt:

"How is Pop Culture affecting American society and is this good or bad?"

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