1940's Fashion

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1940's Fashion

A lot of changes occurred in the 1940's.  Primarily, as World War Two came to an end so did the rationing of supplies and the rapid expansion of recreational activities.  Life became less utilitarian and more about getting back to life as usual.  

Attention was placed on having a clean well put together look and impressing the opposite sex.  Extra attention was placed on women to present themselves in a way that would be pleasant and attractive to men.  


Task 1: Watch the Introductory Video to this Unit (5 minutes)

Task 2: Review the provided images and attached links for both Men's and Women's Fashion during the 1940's (15 minutes)

Men's Fashion in the 1940's

War rationing caused the most significant change in men's suits during the 1940s.  Although the shape changed little, vests, pocket flaps, and trouser pleats and cuffs were removed to conserve material. The flashy zoot suits, occasionally worn by young men, boasted baggy pants and large, wide shoulders also went out of style due to the significant amount of materials required to create them.  With the end of war rationing came longer, full cut suits. When it came to men's hair it was generally longer and often greased back during the 1940s, especially for teenagers and young men.  (https://www.uvm.edu/landscape/dating/clothing_and_hair/1940s_clothing_men )

Women's Fashion in the 1940's

In a nutshell, 1940s women’s fashion was about creating an hourglass silhouette with masculine details: padded shoulders, pinched-in high waist tops, and A-line skirts that came down to the knee. This was the everyday shape for clothing, from suits to dresses.  Even pants had a similar high waisted, wide leg shape.   The first half of he 1940's was full of simply design, most design features like zippers, buttons and pockets were limited to conserve for the war effort.  Once the war ended the design of women's fashion exploded with the addition of accessories and embellishment that helped accentuate a women's figure.

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