Looking at American Pop Culture

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The Origins of Pop Culture

Pop culture has been a part of human culture since the beginning or organized societies. These common ties build unity and provide a sense of understanding to the direction and societal interests of a nation. One of the earliest forms of Pop Culture was the inception of the wedding ceremony, it held an engrained place in organized religion as a common way to show unity and as the role of the church grew in society so did the importance of this tradition.

The industrial revolution also played an instrumental role in the development of Pop Culture as the rapid development of new technologies changed the way we lived it also changed the way behaved. New machinery and the formations of unions meant pay was going up, personal time was increasing and new ways to entertain yourself emerge. Written work is printed, diverse clothing is produced in mass and more recreational activities are being invented and for the first time the working class had a voice.

With the industrial revolution came scored music that could be written, shared and performed to the masses, individual fashion styles emerge with royalty first but reach the masses during the french revolution and artist like William Shakespeare eventually creates the first clear documentation of Western Pop Culture as he created relatable plays for the masses.

It wasn't until after World War Two and the birth of the Baby Boomer generation in the mid-1940's that Pop Culture came into it's own in the United States. The Baby Boomers were the largest generation to that point in history and had a dramatic influence in shaping the direction of the nation.


Task 1: Watch the Introductory Video (10 minutes)

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