1950's Assessment

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1950's Assessment

Music is a great teller of history and with so many voices and styles emerging in the 1950's it seems like a great opportunity to document the societal shifts of America throughout the 1950's by looking at music produced during that time.

You and a partner will select TEN (10) songs that represent the changing ideologies and interest of Americans and create an album cover that helps tell the story.

Album covers tell a story about the songs on the record and helped consumers visualize the sounds of the artist. Your album should consist of original work that explains the story of the songs your selected to represent the era.

How you produce this work is up to you!

1950's Assessment

Task: Create an album cover using songs from the 1950's to explain the societal shifts that occurred in the United States from the 1940's through the 1950's.

(Groups: 2 people in groups)

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