1940's Vehicles

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1940's Vehicles

Vehicles for the general public remained relatively stagnant during the war as car manufactures focused their efforts on the war effort. As the war ended and manufactures were able to start producing consumer cars again you began to see a departure from previous designs and new futuristic and more luxurious designs became increasingly popular.

At the same time men returning from war wanted the vehicles they had grown to love and rely on in the field. Trucks grew rapidly in popularity as well as interest in a vehicle that was born out of war, the jeep. These new trends begin to build throughout the late 1940's and into the 1950's.


Task 1: Watch the Introductory Video to this Unit (5 minutes)

Task 2: Review the provided images, videos and attached links for Sports Cars, Trucks and Jeeps during the 1940's (15 minutes)

Task 5: Go to Google Classroom and complete the shared slides assignment on vehicles in the 1940's (20 minutes)

Select ONE (1) vehicle from the 1940’s that best represents the industry during the decade (it does not need to be one of the selections on the vehicle page for the 1940’s)


                • Picture

                • Release Date

                • Years in Production (Number Produced if available)

                • Standout Features (Unique features, new trends, design changes, upgrades)

                • What makes this car representative of the 1940’s

Sports Cars

Sports cars were far more fashion than speed in the early years. Cars did have some get up and go, but the 1940's were all about bold new designs, a sense of sleekness and luxury and the building up of engines with a wealth of new knowledge and access to a generation of engineers.

1945 MG TC Midget

1948 Ferrari 166 S

1949 Jaguar XK 120

Cars of the Future in 1948


Trucks were the best of both worlds in the 1940's you had a work vehicle, a vehicle that was sleek and powerful and it showed off the masculinity of the man behind the wheel. These vehicles let you do just about anything you wanted to from go on an adventure to completing a job for work or anything in-between. Trucks become the go to vehicle by the end of the 1940's.

Chevrolet 3100 Series

1948 F-Series Ford Truck

1945 Dodge Power Wagon


Jeeps were born out of the war and became a sought after item when soldiers began to return home. They saw how powerful and useful a machine like this could be. The jeep quickly rose in popularity as it introduced a commercial model in 1945 and within a year Jeep had also begun production a a beach wagon and utility truck to meet the demands of consumers.

1945 First Commercial Jeep

1946 Willys Wagon

1947 Willys-Overland Truck