1970's Fashion

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Fashion in the 1970's

Fashion followed the footsteps of music in the 1970's. A lot of new styles rise and fall in the decade and challenged the traditional values of many older Americans. The 1970's builds off the movements that began in the 1960's with the Summer of Love. Sexuality is welcomed into day to day life and women begin to dress more provocatively. Men started to wear brighter colors and designs, going so far as to wear jumpsuits commonly associated with Disco music and clubs.

It becomes the era of self expression and a welcoming time of individuality. Men can be more flamboyant or remain masculine and women can remain feminine and traditional or be more masculine and assertive. Finding a balance between this new sense of sexual freedom and traditionalist values became the central tug of war for the 1970's.


Task 1: Watch the Introductory Video to this Unit (5 minutes)

Task 2: Explore the provided images, videos and attached links for Fashion during the 1970's (20 minutes)

Task 3: Go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM and Respond to the Following Prompts (25 minutes)

Respond to prompts using complete sentences and appropriate punctuation and grammar

  • What are TWO (2) similarities and TWO (2) difference you see in the fashion trends of the 1970's compared to the fashion trends from the 1960's

      • Look at this area of pop culture as a whole

      • What are the general trends you see from decade to decade

      • What new trends emerged in this decade that are either completely unique or built off a previous idea/idea/way if thinking

      • You can list or similarities and differences or write them out using complete sentences.

  • Why do you think the similarities you selected carried over from the previous decade

      • Is it cultural, technological, innovative, something else

      • Do you think it will last much longer than this decade

  • What is ONE (1) fashion trend that emerged in the 1970's that you think will continue on to the next decade

      • You can select anything from this area of pop culture that emerged during the decade

Men's Fashion

While the 70’s represented a growing shift towards political conservatism, menswear mostly went the other way. 70’s style included everything from Robert Plant’s immodest, unbuttoned-everything classic rock look, Roger Moore’s flared grey trousers in Moonraker, and the iconic disco suit worn by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. (https://www.dmarge.com/how-to-wear-70s-fashion-men )

Women's Fashion

Grooving out of the Swinging Sixties and into the disco dancing 70s gave us a fabulous new wardrobe full of color, texture and retro patterns. Polyester jumpsuits, fringe jackets, flared pants, maxi dresses and retro T-shirts are just a few of our favorite women’s 70s clothes. The boho hippie style went back to past with granny boots, embroidered tunic shirts, suede vests and headbands. Now casual ’70s is making a comeback with denim jackets, bell bottom jeans, vintage tops, and sandals. (https://vintagedancer.com/1970s/ )