2010's Assessment

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2010's Assessment

With the rapid growth of the internet, social media platforms and the accessibility of new more powerful technologies there has been a deterioration in news, information and the ability to agree on even basic facts. However, this is not technology's fault alone, American culture and shifting priorities that include an increasing need for self satisfaction, instant gratification, and information as it happens causes a perfect storm for misinformation.

This is not the first time this phenomenon has happened either, the RAND Institute began the Truth Decay project to examine this trend and identify measures to correct or curb its spread. In their initial research they found this occurred at each point in history that new media sources gained popularity in the United States - the newspaper, the radio, the television and now the internet. The last time we saw this kind of corrosion in society was the 1960's.

Your job will be to research Truth Decay and Cognitive Bias and share your findings in a podcast.

2010's Assessment

Task: Record a podcast or write a research paper that discusses how the instant access to information along with the ease of producing content led to the rapid growth of niche entertainment markets and allowed for the rise in truth decay.

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